Let’s Play with Prolicht 

Don’t we all want Freedom, even when designing?

Sign     Snooker

Prolicht encourages us all to play with lighting. The other year Prolicht launched ‘Playbook’, a new catalog that emphasizes the importance of giving designers freedom and flexibility. Interactive and interchangeable products are the key concept to give ‘play’ for all specification needs. 

From the moment the Playbook was launched, there has been an excitement in the offices and our factories. Specifying lighting has become more creative than before, and we must thank Prolicht for seeing into the future, and offering endless opportunities for our clients. And what better place to do this than in the heart of the mountains in Austria. A place where quality has always been a belief, both in life and in products.

The Playbook is “dedicated to all those for whom light is important, who know that every room, every object and every project is unique. For all the creatives and designers who want to make something new and extraordinary every day. For all those who want to set the perfect mood and atmosphere. Free of any constraints or limitations.”

Play with 25 Finishes

Prolicht not only offers you 25 finishes, but the allow you the freedom to choose these finishes for numerous components on each fixture. So what does that mean? Endless possibilities that allow each project to be as unique as you are!

“If you promise your demanding clients bespoke, high-tech, quality products, you can’t have them made just anywhere. We manufacture our products where our heart beats and qualified technicians, engineers and designers find themselves at home: right in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. At the end of the day, it is their skill that makes a difference. And it is their expertise that has made PROLICHT one of the world’s most successful premium manufacturers of architectural lighting concepts. Sustainably produced and custom-made in the centre of Europe, in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. Especially for you and to meet your unique wishes and demands, we have created our range of individual and bespoke lighting solutions. Made to set the perfect room atmosphere to suit your architecture. Lighting solutions that make a difference."

Play with Snooker

Using the Gravity Lift System the Snooker can be configured as a functional light or as a unique design element.

Using our gravity lift system, the spherical spot light allows the designer to feel like they are in a playground.  The Snooker is available with a module geometric board system or a profile system, both systems offering dynamic flexibility to adjust the location and composition of the spheres. In addition the 24 finishes, and multi-color rings, the Snooker spheres become both an art installation and lighting solution for your projects. As you can imagine, the Snooker has pushed boundaries and is an industry leader offering new a large amount of freedom to the designer and but also to the client who can easily manipulate the composition in realtime.

Play with Sign

Sign consists of the Sign Diva, Sign Diva Dancer and Sign Diva Dancer Play; each with a lower profile, new mounting options, swivel and adjustability functions. We also have advanced optics which includes the sparkling secret and vintage industrial. 

Play with Optics

Two new diffusers are the Sparkling Secret and Vintage Industrial.

The Sparkling Secret (SPS) with its sophisticated special structure emphasises the sparkling effect of the LEDs and guarantees powerful light transmission, as well as offering a perfect solution for hospitality environments.

The Vintage Industrial (VI) diffuser with a honeycomb prismatic touch provides an enjoyable lighting effect that creates a different look depending on the viewing angle.

“Prolicht lets you create the right lighting mood and the perfect room atmosphere, without restricting your creative freedom. That’s why we produce a totally individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to meet your wishes and demands.”


Our Playbook catalog is available!

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