Exterior Division Expands

High Quality Italian Products


Zaneen grows the exterior lighting division with a special European partner delivering an exceptional experience with their innovative design and a state-of-art production process. Based in Lissone, Unonovesette manufactures high quality and functional exterior lighting systems. 

Specialized in outdoor architectural lighting, Unonovesette’s proprietary Smart Shield System is recognized as one of the best working protection systems in the industry for outdoor spots and in-ground uplights. 

Unonovesettes Smart Shield exterior lighting system
Unonovesettes Smart Shield system

“The technical and commercial skills of the Zaneen team combined with the high quality standards of the Unonovesette products will make a perfect fit for the North American market”

- Geert Buch, CEO, Unonovesette

Unonovesette’s strict quality control and product protection procedures perfectly blended with Zaneen’s expectations, and requirements for a partnership. The company’s established list of large scale and successful projects globally, such as the Crown Casino and Hotel in Sydney, Australia, the Edition Hotel in Dubai, UAE and the St. Regis Hotel in Venice, Italy; solidified Zaneen’s desire in partnering with Unonovesette. Zaneen plans to expand the use of their products from Hospitality to Commercial, Corporate and Residential; being that their product range including surface, recessed and in-ground fixtures designed for optical excellence.

“Our excellent collaboration with the ownership and management team from Unonovesette, is the foundation of developing an effective program that will successfully provide our specifiers the solutions they need”

Robert Pietrobon

As an exclusive distributor, Zaneen brings Unonovesette’s tradition of Italian design combined with the high-end LED technology to North America. It is set to complement the existing Zaneen partner list by fulfilling the opportunities for exterior lighting. With over 18 established and exclusive European company partnerships, Zaneen is a leading lighting provider of customizable and technically advanced solutions.