The Romance of Linea Zero

Decorative Lighting Design

Zaneen has partnered with Northern Italian Verona based company, Linea Zero. For those who may know, Verona is the town where Romeo and Juliet takes place. Perhaps in the subconscious of Linea Zero, the infamous story of love and lust has affected the designs of their lights? Linea Zero’s forms are organic seemingly referencing the elegance of love and beauty of the human form.

For some designers Linea Zero can be viewed as lighting just as romantic as Shakespeare’s play. Or is that too grand of a statement? Either way, Linea Zero is a partner we are very proud to be working with. Their aesthetic fits nicely into the Zaneen family and range from suspensions to wall mounts and portables. All are approved and offered in North America under Zaneen, as an exclusive partner.

Lighting design products by Linea Zero
Bronze statue of Juliet and balcony by Juliet house, Verona, It
Bronze statue of Juliet and balcony by Juliet house, Verona, Italy.

Linea Zero has been able to master textures and layering affects using their primary source of materials, a specific combination of Polilux and Methacrylate. Their products use acrylic materials to create voluminous and elegant forms. Nothing is rigid.

Original LineaZero Factory of lighting designg

Linea Zero began their journey within the children’s market, and expanded into decorative lighting, which is now their main driving force. Their design collection produces contemporary and high-performing luminaries. Each fixture uses their unique acrylic material to ensure a specific thickness, impact resistance, and performance that illustrates a consistent transparency and light diffusion.

“A dynamic entrepreneurial approach that outlines the frontiers of a new future, expression of design, smart lighting and innovation that relies on a new and young team.”


Linea Zero offers a large family of different installation for each series. 

Linea Zero draft products

Linea Zero, a company operating in the interior lighting sector, was founded in Verona in 1973 by Enea Ferrari. Thanks to Polilux ™, the exclusive material with which the products are made, the company designs and produces contemporary and functional design lamps. Made in Italy continues to be, for Linea Zero, the most important of the corporate values.

For over 40 years, Linea Zero has been synonymous with research and continuous growth, always aimed at best interpreting the needs of rapidly evolving markets, developing precise commercial policies and strategies, but always with particular attention to customer needs. A dynamic entrepreneurial path that traces the boundaries of a new future, expression of design, smart lighting and innovation also thanks to a renewed and young team.


Thanks to continuous research, Linea Zero has created a special material that has become a symbol of its smart design concept . Polilux ™ is an eco-friendly technopolymer that combines aesthetics with other essential features, such as efficiency, durability, practicality and respect for the environment. The company deemed it necessary to create a material containing recycled elements, cold cut with zero CO2 emissions and assembled by hand without the use of machinery. Furthermore, thanks to the optimization of the cut, the waste is reduced to a minimum and recycled in turn. At the end of its life, the Polilux is completely re-convertible and recyclable, in strict compliance with regulations and environmental sustainability .

This exclusive material gives products a diffusion of light equal to that of satin glass , as well as adding many other advantages: the Linea Zero collections are in fact light, flexible, unbreakable, antistatic and extremely versatile.

But not only. Thanks to its special composition, Polilux is non-toxic, extremely resistant to light and atmospheric agents, does not turn yellow over time, boasts excellent resistance to solvents and to all household cleaning products.


Linea Zero then created a wide range of shades of colors, from colored Polilux ™ to the use of the most up-to – date printing and painting techniques . These colors make the lamps themselves luminous rainbows, capable of creating unique and suggestive atmospheres



As a demonstration of the complete customization of these products, and of the brand’s commitment to the constant search for new solutions, Linea Zero has also included in the catalog a new finish that incorporates the aesthetics of the metal .

Silver, New Gold, Copper and Pink Metal are the new colors chosen to enhance the innovative material which, thanks to the refraction of light, takes on seductive reflections that further enhance the sophisticated luminous objects.


The Linea Zero, light and soft design, in conjunction with Zaneen’s existing design partners that offer: Scandinavian, high-end modern, contemporary blown glass, artisan and wood designs; qualifies Zaneen Design as a sole entity for limitless design solutions.

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