Project Profile: Park Hyatt Hotel

Project Profile: Park Hyatt Hotel An interview An interview with Stephen Kaye, Vice President at Mulvey and Banani Lighting, and Sarah Gardiner from Zaneen. After four-years, the reimagined Park Hyatt Toronto welcomed guests back to the city’s upscale Yorkville neighborhood. The hotel which first opened more than 80 years ago, closed its doors in December of […]

Cost-Effective Downlights

Cost-Effective Downlights Prolicht, Austria A technical overview of Prolicht‘s cost-effective downlights: Invader Compact versus Invader Standard, and Oiko Pro. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative products, technical overviews and unique selling features. We’ve put together helpful documents to compare the product models so that you are finding the perfect solution for your project! Invader Compact – This cost-effective […]

Design Meets Sustainability

Design Meets Sustainability Ole! Lighting, Spain Based in Valencia, Spain, Ole! Lighting is a brand of decorative and technical lighting design. Its focus on combining sustainability and modernism with high-quality materials is what makes Ole! Lighting one of Zaneen’s most sustainably innovative partners. Under the slogan “Oceans Without Plastic”, Ole! Lighting has committed to making important […]

RGBW Technology

RGBW Technology The benefits of RGBW technology in lighting An increasingly popular LED technology is RGBW due to its vibrancy and colorful output. It’s an ideal solution for a variety of applications looking to increase design opportunities while maintaining optimal light quality. Keep reading to learn more about RGBW technology, how it works and what […]

Astros Is Out of This World

Astros Is Out of This World What makes the Astros collection so special? I was thinking back to the 2022 World Series and wanted to share some information about Astros… not those Astros, but our Astros! Astros by Zaneen and our partner Milan is a lighting system that brings harmony to environments and allows you to create different […]

Acoustic Design Luminaires

Acoustic Design Luminaires Where sound and light meet in harmony We have a round-up of Acoustic Design luminaires that each feature a strategic design which represent the perfect harmony between sound and light. Driven by progression and high-tech formulation, these acoustic design luminaires marry form and function in order to be ideal options for a […]

Tunable White Technology

Tunable White Technology The benefits of tunable white technology in lighting White light plays an important role in our visual perception of indoor spaces. Research has shown that different types of white light have a profound effect on how not only people perceive the space around them but also how they experience it. Tunable white […]

Slash, Façade Lighting Made Simple

Slash, Façade Lighting Made Simple An exterior lighting solution built for façades Slash by Unonovesette is a wall washing and wall grazing linear luminaire with a choice of beam spreads, color temperature options, and technical features to solve the most demanding exterior applications. Read on to learn more about Slash. Slash – Fill the walls with light, […]

Ranger 30, Unlimited Possibilities

Ranger 30, Unlimited Possibilities An exterior plug and play light solution Ranger 30 by Unonovesette is an IP 67 rated in-grade, drive over, recessed linear luminaire designed to allow multiple units to be placed end-to-end to produce a continuous illumination. This dedicated plug and play cable system caters to an easy, fast and safe installation.   Read […]

Caliber, Small But Powerful

Caliber, Small but Powerful Learn more about this effective exterior lighting solution Caliber by Unonovesette is an extensive range of in-grade luminaires offered in various diameters, lumen output, color temperatures and beam angles, to light up an exterior environment. Read on to learn more about this impressive lighting solution. Caliber – Small but mighty, a constellation of […]