Learn with Panzeri

Learn with Panzeri Panzeri launches an AIA credited course Panzeri has been very active lately, releasing a film that qualifies as a credited AIA course, The Shape of Light. This exciting new film is available through Isplora now.  “Isplora dedicates to Panzeri a film about history, between the past present and the future of our company aimed at high level […]

Celebrate Design with Ole! Lighting

Celebrate Design A Roundup of some of our new products from Ole! Lighting We recently introduced a new line of design products from the house of Ole! Lighting, our new partner from Spain. This beautiful range of trendy light fixtures, offered in a variety of colors and materials, create an array of design solutions that […]

Panzeri’s Newest Products

Panzeri’s Newest Products Panzeri launches unique new products Always mastering the art of design and function, Panzeri has launched a collection of acoustic fixtures and luminaires that can work collectively and be paired together to create a cohesive style within a single space.    The Zero Round Acousticis an extension of the Zero Shapes family, however […]

Zaneen’s 40th Anniversary

Zaneen's 40th anniversary

Zaneen’s 40th Celebrating a milestone anniversary For the world, 2021 is a year full of hope, optimism and resilience. The same can be said for Zaneen. This year, we are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary in business! “Our journey has just begun! I look back over the 40 years, and I am proud to […]

A Nod to Nordic

A Nod to Nordic Fixtures for your Nordic and Scandinavian-themed spaces Scandinavian and Nordic design themes are trends that have lasted decades.  Although they can be very similar aesthetics, the Nordic design features a minimalist black and white palette, versus the warmth and neutrality of the Scandinavian palette. We’re giving a nod to both of […]

Introducing Our Newest Partner: Ole! by FM

Newest Partner: Ole! by FM Introducing Ole! by FM iluminación, Spain Zaneen grows the design division with the newest partner, Ole! by FM, based in the center of design and culture, Valencia, Spain. Zaneen brings Ole! Lighting’s minimalist perspective that combines innovating technologies with energy-saving concepts, which are easily adaptable to interior design projects in North America. Founded in […]

Spotlight, Zaneen is Featured

Spotlight - Zaneen North American lighting distributor of european manufactures

Zaneen is Featured Living Luxe Magazine With innovative and elegant designs, this family business is a tour de force in the lighting industry.  In the mid-1950s, an ambitious young man left his homeland in search of a better life for his family. Anthony Basso arrived in Canada carrying a work ethic instilled by his parents […]

Sunnyvale Tech Campus

Sunnyvale Tech Campus An Interview An interview with Claudio Ramos, Director of Electrolight and Kristen Pietrobon from Zaneen. What was the project timeline and is there an important or unique significance to the space?  The design for the Sunnyvale Tech Campus created a futuristic new campus in Silicon Valley. HOK’s team embraced the vision of the developers to […]

NODO System

Nodo system - Innovative architectural lighting solution for interior design from Letroh

Nodo System A new lighting solution Zaneen is expanding their product offering to include a comprehensive lighting solution that is new to North America. Nodo, an innovative track facilitates the movement of socket boxes, lighting fixtures and accessories without tools. Zaneen’s outstanding partner behind the Nodo system is Letroh. Firstly, for the Smart-ON feature: found in the linear […]

Exterior Division Expands

Unonovesettes Smart Shield system - Zaneen Exterior Division Expands

Exterior Division Expands Unonovesette, Italy Zaneen grows the exterior lighting division with a special European partner delivering an exceptional experience with their innovative design and a state-of-art production process. Based in Lissone, Unonovesette manufactures high quality and functional exterior lighting systems. Specialized in outdoor architectural lighting, Unonovesette’s proprietary Smart Shield System is recognized as one of the best […]